Our “Good” Ofsted Report

Ofsted carried out their most recent inspection of Seend Playgroup in June 2022. We were delighted and very proud to receive another “GOOD” Ofsted report.

Our Ofsted Inspection Report 2022 is available by clicking on this link, but here are a few key extracts from the report:

“Staff are warm and attentive towards the children. Children settle very quickly
and blossom in confidence.”

“Children are eager learners. They are full of enthusiasm and curiosity for the world around them. Children have wonderful opportunities to learn about the natural world and environment. ”

“Staff work in close partnership with parents, who speak highly of the care and learning their children receive. Staff involve parents in their children’s learning and suggest activities to support learning at home. ”

“Staff teach the children about healthy living. They talk positively about healthy foods and the importance of exercise. Children are physically active throughout the day. ”

“Staff support children’s language development effectively. Children are confident talkers. Staff know children exceptionally well so can talk about things that are important to them. ”

“Staff monitor children’s development carefully and identify promptly any children who are making slower progress. They provide targeted support to help these children catch up. ”

“The manager monitors staff performance effectively. She works alongside her team and leads by example. She has regular supervision meetings with staff and supports their continuing professional development with well-targeted training to develop their skills.”

Ofsted’s report states:

“This provision is good.”

  • Children thoroughly enjoy spending time at this friendly and welcoming playgroup. They settle very quickly, form strong bonds with the caring staff and make firm friendships with other children.
  • Children especially enjoy playing outside. They become strong and agile as they learn to negotiate the challenging play equipment in the nearby park.
  • Children make marks in varying ways. Even reluctant ‘writers’ are keen to join the dots and proudly show the superhero they have drawn.
  • Children are kind and considerate. For example, older children look after the younger ones when they hold their hand to climb up the slope. Children behave very well.

We have already taken on board Ofsted’s recommendations as to how we can improve and have adjusted our routines accordingly.

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