Testimonials from our parents…


”Seend playgroup is a great setting for children to learn, play and be part of a fun social group. The women who run the setting have been there a long time, which shows through in every aspect of the way the setting is run – they clearly love what they do and do it very well and as a result the children feel secure and happy. Both my children have enjoyed being at the playgroup and my eldest son still thinks fondly of his time there. I highly recommend Seend Playgroup as a great starting point for any child’s learning journey”

“The staff naturally create a safe and loving environment.””

“We are really happy with the playgroup and how our son has settled.”

“My son really enjoys playgroup and looks forward to going every week.”

“My daughter has settled well and this is due to the way the staff have welcomed her and helped her.”

“The playgroup has a strong link with Seend School which made my son’s transition from playgroup to school very easy and tear-free!”

“The staff made my nervous child happy to go to a playgroup. Thank you!”

“My daughter LOVES Seend Playgroup.”

“My children, and I, love the variety of outings, especially the walks around the village – blackberry picking, conker collecting, canal visit.


And testimonials from our children…

“I love playgroup!”

“Playgroup is my favourite because I can play with my friends. Sometimes we do dressing up. We play outside lots.”

“I like playing in the park. In the summer, we have our snack outside under the tree.”

“I am sad leaving playgroup but I am going to school with all my friends so it will be ok.”


If you would like to come and see for yourself, please do contact us to arrange a visit.

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