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January 2021


Happy new year! Unfortunately not the greatest start to the year with another lockdown, however we are very fortunate that Early Years Settings can remain open. As of Thursday 7th January we will be open until 2:45pm each Thursday, if you would like to sign your child up to these extra hours please speak to Rose or Nicky. We are also looking at the possibility of opening on Wednesday mornings from 8.45 – 12.45 only while the schools are closed,  as a way of helping those of you who are having to juggle home schooling with your work and other commitments.  This would be a temporary measure until schools reopen to all pupils, and fees would be chargeable at the normal rate of £4.50 per hour unless your child has spare grant hours capacity. The hall will not be available once restrictions are lifted and Bouncy Club can meet again.

Our topics from Jan 4th – Feb 12th are: Colours & numbers, Seasonal Activities, Valentines Day and Children’s interests.

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